Monthly webinars for individuals for only £10 each

August - Emotional Wellbeing

September - Mindset

October - Parental Guilt

November - Radical Acceptance

December - Motivation

Emotional Wellbeing

The webinar covers emotional intelligence and how you can use your own brain to self-sooth when you are stressed, anxious or have a low mood.


Fixed Mind Set and Flexible Mindset

Carol Dweck suggests there are two types of mindsets and motivation styles. This webinar will help you to achieve a growth/flexible mindset.


Parental Guilt

As parents whether we are a stay at home parent or work full-time, we feel guilty about the things we can and can’t do. We are in a society where we are expected to be nourishing our child 24 hours a day. It has become a competition with other parents how accomplished your child is. This webinar will challenge that perception.


Radical Acceptance


As humans and Brits in particular, we find it difficult to accept ourselves and situations around us. This webinar will give you skills to work towards acceptance.


Procrastination and Motivation


Do you procrastinate over everything? Do you have list upon list but never actually complete them? This webinar will educate you about the ‘why’ of procrastination and you can do about it.