Boris Johnson’s speech on Sunday may have been confusing but one thing is for sure, things will not be returning to ‘normal’ any time soon. Until there is a vaccination, those of us who can work from home will be doing so indefinitely. This has its own health risks, namely stress and anxiety.

As an advocate of emotional wellbeing, I feel strongly that companies and organisations should be taking this opportunity to support their staff during this time. The usual ROI arguments still stand, supported staff are more productive, however, this pandemic is also now highlighting our human-ness. If we can help alleviate another person’s distress, then is it not our duty to do so? These are unprecedented times. Although we are fortunate to be in a time and country with access to electricity, food, broadband and numerous streaming services, we are also being asked to stay in our homes away from others. As social creatures this is causing emotional anguish for many.

If you don’t already offer your employees a wellbeing programme, I suggest that now is the time. I am currently offering webinars on ‘Wellbeing in Practice’ specifically designed for companies and their employees whilst in lockdown. Sessions are run via Zoom using a wellbeing model as a framework. Ideas are suggested to assist your staff whilst remote working, often under stress. Topics covered include maintaining relationships with family, friends and colleagues as well as increasing positive emotions.

I also run a webinar uniquely designed for parents working remotely during the pandemic and the balancing act that comes with it as this is one of the groups struggling the most.