Supporting your staff during this time is vital for employee productivity but also on a human level as we are all in this together. So, other than the usual EAP and wellbeing apps etc., how can you support your staff? Below I have listed a few novel ideas to switch it up. 1. Initiate a buddy programme. This involves matching your staff up with another person completely randomly. The idea is that they support each other on a personal level. This could be an automatic enrolment thing or on request. 2. If there is an issue with too much work in one area of the company and not enough in another, perhaps, you could create a ‘Bench’ system. Individuals who do not have enough work to get on with could be put on the ‘bench’ and then be picked up by another team temporarily. I know a company who has done this and it seems to be working well. 3. Set up a weekly virtual support group such as a parental one as this is a group of employees that are suffering at the moment. Often there are two parents working full time with kids at home requiring attention. I know how this feels as I am in this position and it is definitely stressful. I run a webinar uniquely designed for parents working remotely during the pandemic and the balancing act that comes with it. 4. Related to the above. You could have a weekly parent meet up with kids on their knees. A group 'virtual play date' if you will. May sound chaotic, but could be liberating for isolated staff. Numbers would need to be limited in order for this to work. 5. The Great British Hobby Challenge. Set your employees/colleagues a challenge to start a new (or reignite an old) hobby with the time they used to commute. Make it a competition to find the most interesting and/or obscure hobby. 6. Fortress of Solitude competition. Staff could be asked to build a fort in their homes and send pictures to all staff to vote. The winner could get some vouchers... 7. Rather than a company book club, why not start an art class or a knitting group. Any activity could be applied here. Something that allows people to talk to each other while engaging in some form of non-work related activities. It is unknown how long we are likely to be asked to work from home, therefore, let's find ways to support each other. If the regular methods aren't working, then mix it up. As human beings we are all different and therefore the strategies we use to support staff should not be expected to work for everyone. For more ideas on ways to support your staff or to arrange a webinar, please message me on vikky@thinkycoaching.com.