Relationships are one of the most important factors of our human survival. This may seem a bit of an over statement, but it is true. The main reason that we as human beings have become the 'overlords of the world' is down to the fact that we are social. Thousands of years ago when we were spread across the earth in various tribes, we not only communicated within our own communities but with other tribes. We had the sense and the intelligence to acknowledge we as individuals and groups have different talents and skills to offer. Tribes traded both tangible items but also non tangible skills. This has led to the survival of the human race. We need each other.

Being social is innate and is still important today although more challenging in a time of a global lockdown. We still very much need each other and crave connection. Both my mum and my husband's mum are isolating by themselves, my mother in law in Spain. My husband and I therefore make it a priority to video chat with them both every day.

Although we are unable to meet physically with others that are not within our home, we are in a highly connected world tech-wise. The magic of our phones/tablets/laptops has allowed us a portal to each other. We are still able to see each other face to face, chat, have dinner parties and do quizzes through technology. If this had happened only 10 years ago, things would have been very different. I joke that my social life is better now than before lockdown, but it is true. With a 4 year old, it is not often that we get out much for drinks etc anymore. However, since being in lockdown, I have had numerous virtual drinks with friends and participated in quiz nights. The silver lining I guess.

In my next blog, I will offer ideas for connecting virtually with friends and family.