As discussed in my video last week, I would like to offer some words of advise during our adjacent confinement. To begin with I will briefly describe Positive Psychology as this is my area of expertise and is the approach that I will take when making any suggestions over the next few weeks and months.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is a fairly new discipline within psychology although the basic premise is not new. The study of happiness has been around since the beginning of time. Aristotle described eudaimonia (a Greek word commonly translated as 'happiness') as the goal of human thought and action. Then in the mid 20th Century, the Humanistic movement took hold taking psychology towards individuals achieving self actualisation. In 1998 a Psychologist called Martin Seligman became president of the APA (American Psychology Association) and decided to focus on the strengths of individuals instead of their weaknesses. This was the birth of Positive Psychology.


Over the next few weeks I will use a popular wellbeing model that was introduced in Seligman's book 'Flourish' in 2004. The model is a mnemonic PERMA.

Positive emotions





The plan

I will provide various formats of information in keeping with my views on individuals taking in information in different ways; visual, auditory, reading and/or kinesthetic. If you are unsure what your learning style is, you can find more information on a previous post here.

Over the next 5 weeks (there are 5 elements of the model), I will focus on one element a week. The introduction to the respective theme of the week will be published each Wednesday beginning this week on Wednesday 2nd April. Further resources will be released as videos and blogs etc over the remaining days of the week. I will also be hosting a Facebook Live session each Monday at 8pm, the first one will take place on Monday 6th April on my thinkycoaching page.

N.B. Due to the current circumstances my timeline may alter slightly due the homeworking and parenting issues that many of us are experiencing.