What is a Wellbeing Coach and why do I need one? Let's break it down into Wellbeing and Coaching.

Wellbeing encompasses three areas; physical, social and emotional. In order to be an optimal functioning individual, it is important that you are doing well in each of these areas. It is a holistic theory of being the best version of ourselves.

Coaching is a collaborative relationship that audits your current situation, challenges limiting beliefs and identifies potential obstacles. The coach will then guide the individual to create a plan of action to achieve a specific goal in their life.

I like to think of a wellbeing coach as a personal trainer for your brain. Using the analogy of physical health, a wellbeing coach can be likened to hiring a personal trainer. Both aim to achieve peak fitness but one focuses on the physical health and one works holistically. In my work, I focus on the social and emotional aspects of wellbeing.

In addition to identifying goals and potential obstacles, a wellbeing coach can also teach their clients strategies and coping skills to deal with issues such as anxiety.This is an area that I am very passionate about as I feel that it is psychoeducation that gave me my life back.

If you are interested in learning more about wellbeing coaching and/or would like to discuss working with me, email me at vikky@thinkycoaching.com.

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