Lola mastering the letter 'a' during a virtual phonics class

There has been so much talk about how much extra time we are all going to have while being stuck at home over the next few weeks. [Look of complete disbelief and exhaustion]. These people do not have kids. Being stuck at home with children could legitimately be used as a form of torture.

I thought that during this time, I would be able to tag team with my husband and manage to get some content out to you all regarding various positive psychology exercises that may help get you through this time. Yet, I find myself having less and less time. I am in the process of starting up my business so I'm not bringing in a huge amount of money just yet, therefore my husband is (annoyingly and stereotypically) the bread winner at present. His work, obviously therefore comes first. He is as always, amazing and ensures that I have some time to get things done at lunchtime. When it comes to the evening, if I don't have a call with a client, I am planning what to do with Lola the following day. I am KNACKERED!

As someone who has struggled with the 'job' of being a mum since my 4 year old was only 3 months old, this is my actual nightmare come true. I'm not kidding. Fortunately, I had intense treatment 2 years ago and I'm in a good place generally. It does mean though that I need to be very careful, this is why I feel the need to be super prepared for the following day. It is not to the level of obsession or anything but I do feel it is taking my time away from helping you lovely people. Today is day 7 of all 3 of us being at home together and I feel that I am starting to get some form of routine and can therefore focus my energy on getting some info out to you. I have recorded my next video, it is currently in post-production (my husband is a graphic designer, lucky me) and I will aim to publish it on Monday.

Our days have started to look a bit like the below. In between these very flexible semi-scheduled activities, I am doing a lot of role play and free play, which I hate, but needs must. The regulars at the moment are zombie mosquitoes (yep), Frozen dolls and castle and my personal favourite (umm...not) "Pretend I'm a baby and you're a dog".

9am - Joe Wicks PE (live on YouTube)

11am - Video call with Grandma 1 (both my mum and my husband's mum are isolated at home by themselves)

12 noon - Reading time followed by lunch

1pm - Video call with Grandma 2

2pm - Phonics class (recorded earlier in day on Twinkl)

3pm - an art related activity

4pm - Disney plus is turned on

There are a huge amount of blogs and social media posts out there at the moment focused on time at home with children during this time, below are the ones that I have found most useful. Numerous online classes have sprouted up and are a very welcome source of assistance.

Twinkl - is a website dedicated to teaching resources and is offering free subscriptions while children are home from school.

P.E with Joe - a live family workout at 9am Monday to Friday until the kids return to school. The videos also remain on Joe Wicks' YouTube channel and therefore can be found at any time.

Storyline Online - a YouTube channel where the likes of Oprah Winfrey read stories to kids.

The Maths Factor - Carol Vorderman's website for ages 4-12

I will expand on the sources and ideas of what to do with the children on my personal blog for others struggling with this momentous task - www.thinkythings.co.uk

We are fortunate to be in a time where technology allows us to connect with others in their homes. My husband and I have a couple of virtual hangouts with our friends this weekend. As we live all over the country, this is actually one up on what we would have been able to do on a normal weekend. The plan is to drink alcohol in our own homes whilst chatting with our buddies on the computer. Perhaps, this somewhat forced captivity may have a positive (a silver lining if you will) by encouraging us to talk more with our friends and loved ones. It may still be online but face to face still the same.

Connection with others is a vital ingredient for our wellbeing and will be discussed a lot on this platform in the coming weeks and months. In the mean time, please take care of yourselves. Get enough sleep and make sure that you get some resemblance of time to yourself. This could be having a bath or sneaking into the kitchen for 5 minutes with a biscuit whilst everyone else is busy elsewhere.