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Positive Coaching for normal women overwhelmed by everyday life.


Coaching is a collaborative relationship that audits an individual’s current situation, challenges limiting beliefs and identifies potential obstacles. 

Talking therapy is not appropriate for all situations. An individual may not need to talk about the past and may merely need some coping strategies for dealing with stress. Positive psychology focuses on applying personal strengths and building positive resources, this differs from traditional talking therapies, which focuses on areas of difficulty with the aim of reducing the negative affects.

Using the analogy of physical health, a wellbeing coach can be likened to hiring a personal trainer. Both aim to achieve peak fitness but one focuses on the physical health and one works holistically. 


Free initial discovery call. This allows you to find out how we can work together before making a commitment to the process. Sessions take place remotely via Zoom.


Individual Coaching Session - £50

Email Coaching - £20

N.B. I believe that money should not be a barrier to seeking treatment, therefore I also offer a number of reduced fee sessions for those who are either unemployed or on a low income. Please contact me for information on this. 

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