As an advocate of emotional wellbeing, I feel strongly that companies and organisations should be taking this opportunity to support their staff during this time. The usual ROI arguments still stand, supported staff are more productive, however, this pandemic is also now highlighting our human-ness. If we can help alleviate another person’s distress, then is it not our duty to do so? 


Although we are fortunate to be in a time and country with access to electricity, food, broadband and numerous streaming services, we are also being asked to stay in our homes away from others. As social creatures this is causing emotional anguish for many.


The benefits of wellbeing workshops/webinars for organisations are as follows;

•A reduction in employee burnout and associated absenteeism

•Employee retention as they will feel looked after

•Increased staff motivation, leading to higher levels of productivity

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Below are my two most requested webinars in the current Covid-19 climate.

Wellbeing in Practice

This is my signature workshop that has now been modified to work as a webinar. It is a session that gives a brief overview of wellbeing in general and how individuals can do small everyday things to improve their wellbeing.

A wellbeing model is used as a framework to give structure to the session.


PERMA = Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.


Parental Wellbeing while remote working with children

A webinar uniquely designed for parents working remotely during the pandemic and the balancing act that comes with it as this is one of the groups struggling the most.


As a parent in this situation myself I have been able to put together a fun and informative webinar with appropriate information relevant to the situation.


Subjects covered include;

  1. Parental guilt

  2. Family schedule

  3. Discussing emotions with children

  4. Work / life balance when it is the same place



In view of the current circumstances around the world, I am now offering webinars at a rate of £150 and have removed the limit on the number of people who can take part.

" Vikky delivered a professional and interesting Wellbeing webinar to our business. The advice was clear and useful and has enabled our team to build positive behaviours and healthy mindsets to help them find balance. "

richard barnes,

managing director, Buffalo 7

" I approached Vikky during the 2020 Covid-19 situation, to see if she could provide a level of support and coaching for the employees within the UK bank, in how to deal with the mental stresses and strains of working from home. Vikky promptly created and presented a fantastic interactive webinar session for employees across the various offices in the UK. The webinar was really well received with a variety of tools and techniques for employees to utilise during this challenging time. I really appreciated the flexibility and professionalism that Vikky demonstrated, to ensure EFG received a webinar session that was personalised, fit for purpose and delivered in a timely manner. Many thanks again Vikky. "

jamieson westney,

senior hr manager, efg bank